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Longview's only luxury doggie daycare; featuring boarding, grooming, and day care services as well as an upscale retail area meeting all of your spoiled pet's needs! We are the only authorized Susan Lanci Designs dealer in the area and the only authorized Kent Collars dealer in the United States!

Hours of Operation:

-Please note that all dogs are seen by reservation only
after passing an
initial evaluation and fecal screening-


Drop Off 6am-9am

Pick Up 3pm-6pm

Retail 9am-6pm

9am-6pm retail & reservations only

~Grooming drop off by appointment~

~Other drop off and pick up times available by appointment~

~Please call us at 360-200-3773 to make arrangements~

~Please ring the doorbell for service if doors are locked~

The PAWtisserie @ Pucci

The PAWtisserie @ Pucci is our own-house line of baked dog and cat treats, made from human-grade ingredients that will have you wanting some of your own! All treats are Veterinarian approved. Some features treats include: Blueberry Bones, Beet Red Velvet Bones, Peanut Butter Banana Bones, Peaches and Cream Fro-Yo, Chicken and Cheese Fro-Yo, and many others! All are available for purchase and flavors vary by season. Ask about the latest flavors today!

Your little one may become refined and start raising a pinky paw toe while enjoying her PAWtisserie treats!

pRAWda @ Pucci

pRAWda @ Pucci is our own-house line of dehydrated and frozen dog and cat treats, made from human-grade meat, fruits, and vegetables! Some features treats include: Fish Fries, Chicken Paws, Dehydrated Gizzards/Hearts/Tails, Sweet Potato Pieces, Pear Bites, Apple Crisps, Carrot Crunchies and many others! All are available for purchase and vary. Ask about the latest creations today!

Itsnota Pulse Therapy@ Pucci

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) can be used to assist in the natural healing of compromised cells within the body for people as well as animals. Pulsed Electro – Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy sends magnetic energy into the body. By sending these energy waves into the body’s natural magnetic field, you can enhance healing. The magnetic fields can increase the motion of the electrolytes and ions that are in the tissues and fluids in the body- this movement stimulates a wide range of chemical, mechanical, and electric actions in the tissue. Pulsed Electro – Magnetic Field (PEMF) force can naturally influence electrical changes on a cellular level within the cell metabolism. Packages can be arranged, please contact us for details!

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