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Policy & Procedures-Liability Waiver

All clients of Pucci Pups LLC hereby agree to the following:

1. Pucci Pups LLC and its employees agree to provide services stated in this agreement in a reliable and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client expressly waives any and all claims against Pucci Pups LLC or its employees, unless arising from gross negligence on the part of Pucci Pups LLC.

2. The client understands that all pets must have a veterinarian of record and be current with all vaccinations. Vaccinations must be given far enough in advance to be effective- which is at minimum 10 days. Pucci Pups LLC also requires the Kennel Cough (canine infectious tracheobronchitis) vaccine and a negative fecal test for internal parasites and worms. Please bring vaccination records and fecal test results prior to your reservation/appointment or the pet(s) will not be admitted.

3. The client understands that all pets must be treated with a flea, tick, and heart worm preventative. If fleas are found on a pet, the pet will be treated at owner’s expense on site OR the pet will not be admitted until proof of preventative and treatment has been submitted and the pet has been cleared by the veterinarian.

4. Pucci Pups LLC does not diagnose, prognose, nor make therapy decisions nor do we offer veterinary services. Any veterinary/medical concerns will be referred to a veterinarian.

5. Pucci Pups LLC will not board acutely ill animals or those with uncontrolled medical conditions. Pets infected with contagious diseases will not be admitted.

6. The client understands that pets interact with others and with staff. The client must express any known aggression issues with other pets or humans and must not have a known bite record on file with the Humane Society or the county of residence.

7. The client is solely responsible for any harm caused by their pet to any employees, other pets/owners, or property. Client agrees to reimburse Pucci Pups LLC for any and all costs including but not limited to medical care, lost wages, and damages associated with the exposure to the pet(s).

8. Pucci Pups LLC does not provide food; however if the need arises that we supply meals, we can do so at $2.50 per meal, per pet, per day. If you bring food for your pet, please label all items with the pet’s name and feeding instructions. We do recommend that clients provide their own food so that there are no gastric upset issues due to the change of food that we provide.

9. Pucci Pups LLC DOES NOT ACCEPT AGGRESSIVE PETS. Clients understand that in playgroup settings, accidents may occur. Clients understand that Pucci Pups LLC  will not be held responsible for scrapes, scratches, playful bites, or any other injuries that may occur as the result of normal dog behavior play or accidents.

10. All dogs must be accompanied by a leash and collar/harness. Collars/harnesses will be removed during your pet’s stay for safety reasons and will be put back on for pick up from our facility.

11. Pucci Pups LLC reserves the right to seek emergency veterinary treatment if so deemed necessary by our on-staff veterinarian. Client is responsible for all charges including but not limited to vet and transportation fees.

12. Pucci Pups LLC reserves the right to deny service or terminate service for any reason.

13. The client agrees that if the pet is not picked up or adequate contact is not made within 5 days of the scheduled pick up date, Pucci Pups LLC will consider the pet as abandoned and the pet will be placed with the best suitable rescue organization as we see fit. Pucci Pups LLC will not be held liable for the placement of the abandoned pet.

14. Payment can be made before or after services are rendered, depending on the service and circumstance. In the event of unforeseen additional costs, payment is expected at the completion of services or a late fee of $1 per day will be applied and invoiced.

15. Cancellations must be received at least 24 hours prior to scheduled appointments or reservations or a $20 cancellation fee will be applied. Early return notifications must be received 24 hours in advance or you will be charged for the remaining number of days booked. There is a $5 late fee for every 10 mins (per dog) for pick ups for after the posted closing time, max $30. If the pet is not picked up within 30 minutes of closing, the pet will be put into overnight boarding accommodations and will be billed accordingly. If pick ups become frequent, we reserve the right to refuse service.  Check in is 6a-9a Monday-Saturday. Check out is 3p-6p Monday-Saturday. Check in and check out is by appointment on Sunday.

By agreeing to these terms, you do not hold Pucci Pups LLC liable for any and all things related to and covered under these subsections of the agreement.


January 12, 2023

Grooming Liability Waiver

Pucci Pups LLC employs extensive safety and sanitary precautions to ensure your pet’s safety and health while with us. Despite reasonable and prudent efforts, some pets may experience common side effects of the grooming process, including but not limited to: clipper burn, exposure of the quick, reactions to flea treatments and de-shedding dip treatments, hair splinters, and sharp nails (after clipping). By signing this agreement, you (the client) agree to relieve Pucci Pups LLC, and it's agents from any and all liabilities, and/or costs associated with any veterinary care, symptoms or discomfort of your pet related to or presenting after services rendered by Pucci Pups LLC. The pursuit of any veterinary, behavioral, or rehabilitational services, and the payment there of, is the sole responsibility of the pet owner. Additionally, you agree to relieve Pucci Pups LLC and its agents from any and all liability associated with damages to person, pet, or property by or relating to services rendered or service equipment used by Pucci Pups LLC and it's agents.

Due to the intimate nature of the grooming process, it can expose hidden medical issues or aggravate current issues- both during and/or after the grooming service. In the best interest of the pet, we request your permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment should it become necessary.

You hereby grant permission to Pucci Pups LLC to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for your pet at your expense.

Due to the intimate nature of the grooming process, and/or pet’s tolerances to stress, strangers, and/or handling, some pets may become anxious or reactive during the grooming service. We assure you we will take every precaution necessary to provide a safe and stress-free grooming experience, which may or may not include the use of grooming loops, soft muzzles, And/or elizbethian collars. If we determine that continuing the grooming service would present a threat to your dog’s emotional or physical health or well-being, and/or the safety of the groomer completing the service, we will discontinue the service and contact the owner immediately.

By agreeing to these terms of service, you hereby grant Pucci Pups LLC permission to utilize proper grooming equipment and techniques for the health and safety of the pet and the grooming service provider. You understand and agree that if Pucci Pups LLC deems it unsafe or unhealthy to continue the grooming service for the pet and/or groomer, Pucci Pups LLC will end the service and you will be responsible for any and all services rendered.

You understand that coloring products may not have the same result on all coats and may be different than expected in shade and vibrancy. Depending on the type of product used, the color may slowly fade over time or can only be removed by trimming the dyed fur, and you have discussed with the groomer the permanency of the product that will be used on your pet. You also understand that color transfer may occur from the pet to other surfaces, such as clothing and furniture. Only pet safe products will be used, but you are aware that any pet can have a reaction to a product and therefore a small patch test will be done prior to coloring.

You hereby grant Pucci Pups LLC to use pet safe coloring products on your pet and agree to not hold Pucci Pups LLC liable should an allergic reaction happen. In the event of a medical emergency, you authorize Pucci Pups LLC to obtain emergency veterinary treatment at your expense.

Senior pets have a greater risk of injury or illness discovery while grooming due to the aging process. You hereby grant Pucci Pups LLC to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for your pet at your expense and will not hold Pucci Pups LLC liable for accident or injury to your pet in the need of emergency medical services being administered.

In the event of severely tangled or matted hair or fur, there is a greater risk of injury, stress, and trauma during the grooming process. All necessary precautions will be taken to ensure no issues arise; however, nicks, clipper irritation, mental or physical stress may occur. You hereby grant Pucci Pups LLC permission to obtain emergency veterinary treatment at your expense. Also, realizing that matted pets have a greater chance of injury during grooming, you will not hold Pucci Pups LLC responsible for accident or injury to your pet. Severe matting is subject to a matting fee.

The use of a cage dryer is safer and more comfortable for some dogs. In the event that a cage dryer may be used, we adhere to the following safety practices: dryer must have working temperature gauge and timer, only equipment specifically manufactured for cage drying will be used, manufacturer instructions will be followed, dogs drying in cages will be properly monitored, and owners must give consent for a cage dryer to be used.

You hereby grant Pucci Pups LLC to use a cage dryer for the safe and comfortable drying of your dog.

By agreeing to each of the above paragraphs, you agree to hold Pucci Pups LLC harmless in any and all situations regarding the grooming of your pet. You also agree to the obtaining of emergency veterinary treatment and the use of life saving measures, at your expense. You agree that Pucci Pups LLC will be held harmless in any and all events henceforth from the acknowledgement of this waiver.

Updated January 12, 2023

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