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Joining us for the first time?

Vaccine and Veterinary Care Policy

We require all dogs to be up-to-date on their rabies, distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines as well as have a current (no older than 14 days) negative fecal test. We also recommend the canine influenza vaccine, but it is not required. We recommend that all dogs are on a flea and parasite control medication, but please do not apply topical products on the day your dog attends daycare, as doing so could be unsafe for the staff and the other dogs. All dogs coming in for daycare, boarding, and grooming services will be flea checked upon entry to the building. If fleas are found, we reserve the right to refuse service until treatment has been given. We do offer flea and tick baths, which can be done on-site for an additional fee.

We will ask for a copy of your dog’s vaccination records on your first day. These records can also be emailed to us in advance at by yourself or your vet. Please provide us with updated records as the old ones expire.

Please let us know if your dog has any health issues that would impact their stay with us. Examples include injuries, recent surgery/stitches, skin conditions, illness, history of seizures, allergies, etc. We will do our best to accommodate any special health needs your dog may have.

Please do not bring your dog to daycare if they are showing signs of illness. Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, coughing, or discharge from the eyes or nose may indicate an illness that could be contagious to other dogs. If your dog shows signs of illness while with us, we will remove him or her from the pack to a quiet area, and then alert you or your emergency contact.

Your dog’s health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. In the course of playtime with other dogs throughout the day, minor injuries such as scrapes or bumps may occur. In the event that your dog becomes sick or injured during the day, our staff will assist him or her immediately to ensure his or her safety. We will then contact you, or your emergency contact, to alert you of the situation. If veterinary treatment is necessary, we reserve the right to take them for immediate treatment at our vet-of-record, Cowlitz Animal Clinic. 

Behavior Policy

At Pucci, our pack is made up of many different types of dogs. The majority of dogs that come to daycare are playful, happy, and friendly, and we also welcome shy or nervous dogs, as long as they are able to acclimate to the pack during their introductory period. Every dog is given a chance to adjust to the pack, and our trained staff will be able to determine if your dog will be a happy member of our pack.

We do not allow aggressive or dangerous dogs. We do not allow aggressive play, barking, or dominant behavior, and our staff uses positive reinforcement techniques to maintain calm energy in the pack. We understand that many dogs may be over-excited on their first day, and we will work with your dog to teach him or her the rules. Many clients have noted that their dogs’ behavioral problems at home are eased after experiencing the calm energy of our pack.

We do not have breed restrictions- all of our pack members are evaluated for behavior issues before being released into playgroup areas.


Evaluations and Behavior Screenings
All new Pucci Pups must undergo a behavior evaluation and screening to determine if they are the right fit for our facility. Drop off and pick up is during normal business hours. Evaluations are $50 and are a full day. If the pup passes our in-house evaluation, the evaluation fee is then credited to the owner's account for future use. We do not allow owners to stay with dogs for evaluation as most dogs react much differently when their parents aren't around (like typical kids!). Upon pick up, we will go over the day's events with your pooch and can proceed from there! 


Additional Information

We request that your dog come to daycare with a leash, a well-fitted collar, or a harness. This will enable us to easily identify your dog but we will remove them from the daycare setting for safety reasons.

Pucci is an indoor-outdoor facility; your dog will have the freedom to play inside and outside throughout the year. During inclement weather, we reserve the right to limit our facility capacity for indoor play.

If your dog requires feeding during the day, please bring the food in a container labeled with your dog’s name and feeding instructions. We are also able to administer most medications throughout the day. Please call us at 360-200-3773 for details.

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