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Every pup wants to be a Pucci Pup!


We welcome all to Longview's only luxurious, entertaining, and comforting home away from home for your dog, Pucci Pups! We offer so much benefit for your family, including indoor and outdoor play areas, overnight accommodations with ample space for families, a dedicated spa room with all the amenities your pup needs, a ample retail section for gifts, treats, and lux apparel and accessories, and a friendly, supportive staff who care about you and your fur baby's well being.

Welcome to the pack.

Behavior Policies

What kind of breed restrictions do you have?

Do you allow aggressive dogs?

My dog is shy, timid, or nervous in new environments? How will they be a good fit in the pack?

We do not have breed restrictions- all of our pack members are evaluated for behavior issues before being released into playgroup areas.

We do not allow aggressive or dangerous dogs. We do not allow aggressive play, barking, or dominant behavior. Our staff uses positive reinforcement techniques to maintain calm energy in the pack.

At Pucci, our pack is made up of many different types of dogs. The majority of dogs that come to daycare are playful, happy, and friendly. We welcome shy or nervous dogs, as long as they are able to acclimate to the pack during their introductory period. Every dog is given a chance to adjust to the pack, and our trained staff will be able to determine if your dog will be a happy member of our pack.

My pup tends to get overly excited when they meet a new friend. Will they be okay with joining your pack?

We understand that many dogs may be over-excited on their first day, and we will work with your dog to teach him or her the rules. Many clients have noted that their dogs’ behavioral problems at home are eased after experiencing the calm energy of our pack.

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